How to begin on your Mobile Massage Business

Putting up a mobile massage business is surely a great idea on several levels. First of all, we all know that the demand for massage service is extremely high everywhere these days so irrespective you go, you are bound to meet some people who are sorely in need of your services.

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Second, being constantly on the road may be tiring at times but it can surely be very exciting at the same time. Not only are you gonna be able to go to different places but you will also get to meet several clients along the way.

Third, there is no need to rent unbelievably high-priced spaces for setting up a massage shop 출장마사지 or spa. For instance, buying a great spa space to rent can be quite task as most of the good ones are taken and the others are just not well-situated enough or are only too costly for you novice’s budget.

The answer to this is to put up your own mobile massage business that you can operate from your own vehicle or even a small car. All you have to do is advertise your services and drive to your clients’ selected location and give them a massage right then and there.

Naturally, you would need added things besides a vehicle if you want to successfully launch your new mobile massage business. You will also need basic items such as a bunch of massage oils and lotions, a convenient carrying case for the massage supplies, and a lightweight but durable portable massage table that you can easily take with you when you have an outcall.

Choosing the right kind of massage table is among the most important step that you have to take when establishing a successful mobile massage business. There are quite a large number of options that you can choose from, which could make it rather confusing. However, you can easily simplify the position by focusing on the three most important criteria: durability, portability, and cost.


Stationary massage tables are usually considered to be much more durable in comparison to the smaller and usually more fragile portable massage tables but this doesn’t imply that all portable massage tables can break easily. On the contrary, there are many portable massage tables that are very stable and durable these days.

Before you buy a massage table, it would be wise to test its strength by examining the joints of the frame and ensuring that there is adequate support in the knobs. You should also check the kind of material that was used to create the massage table. Plastic is a popular choice due to its extremely easy fold and low cost but they are not the sturdiest option.


The idea of a portable massage table is that it could be carried around easily from destination for a place. However, not all of these tables are equal in terms of portability. For instance, there are some that are quite large and heavy, although they do still belong to the family of portable massage tables. You shouldn’t automatically go for the lightest ones either because as mentioned above, this may mean having to compromise durability and even the safety of your clients.

Weight is not the only factor that determines portability. You should also take into consideration the kind of carrying case that accompany the table. It is a good idea to pick a case that has wide, heavily padding connectors so you won’t feel the strain of the weight too much.

Another option is to forget about the carrying case altogether and get a table cart instead. Instead of carrying your table and other stuff around, you can simply place them into the cart and push the cart toward your consumer’s place. This will not only save you from unnecessary physical effort but also save your valuable energy so that you can provide a extremely effective massage for your client.


One of the reasons why aspiring massage experienced counselors choose the mobile massage business instead of starting a normal massage spa is due to the bottom financial capital required. Indeed, you can save a considerable amount of money when you go down the mobile massage route and for sure, you can use this money that you have saved for buying a better and slightly more expensive massage table. Or you can push your savings up even further by opting to buy a low-cost massage table instead of one of the most sophisticated ones.

In any case, you do have to determine your finances before going out and go shopping for a massage table, and any other massage supplies even. By handling finances with care right from the beginning, there’s a good chance you will enjoy immense success as your mobile massage business gets under way.

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