Not All Weight Gain Supplements Are Created Equal

I have heard people say recently that “protein is protein”, and that it doesn’t matter where you get your calories from as long as you get your calories Private label turkey tail. Usually the people who i hear say this are making sub-optimal gains in their muscle building goals, and are wasting much more time in the gym than they think.

Are Customized Supplements Worth Checking Out?

Anyone serious about gaining lean muscle and lifting heavier weights in the gym should have a good and solid training plan that they adhere to religiously. The same should also be true about their nutrition plan. One critical component of an athlete’s nutrition plan is their supplement plan, and it needs to be as comprehensive and easy as follow as possible to help them produce real gains.

If this is such an important aspect of a gym rat’s overall muscle building plan, why is it not taken as seriously as it should be? I know that when i was younger, I would buy what was on sale, just to try and fill in some undefined “holes” in my supplement program. I also thought getting an extra value meal at McDonald’s was the best way to get extra calories when i was trying to bulk up.

Most lifters are not educated on nutrition and supplementation even though it arguably accounts for 80% of your gains in and out of the gym. When it comes to food, the better the quality of food you can get, the healthier you will be. The same rings true for your weight gain supplements, the better the quality, the more muscle gains you will make.

I used to be one of the cheapest supplement buyers there was, and i thought that I didn’t have an option, because i was a poor high school or poor college student, trying to stay fit and get the supplements i needed to get bigger. Now i think about things in a completely different way. After finding out ways that i could get my supplements for free, or even how to get paid from using and recommending really high quality weight gain supplements, my whole outlook on training and supplements changed. I don’t want to go off on a tangent on money here, so I will just tell you that price should never be the leading decision maker for what supplements you take.

Some supplements are cheap for a reason, and you get what you pay for. Most weight gain supplements fall into the protein, amino acid, and naturally occurring organic food derivative categories. The way that these supplements are made and processed can change the way that your body reacts or absorbs them, so it is critically important that the supplements you buy and consume are processed in a way that doesn’t degrade the product. If the product is processed in a way that has degraded the muscle supplement, then your body will absorb less of it, and you will be flushing your money down the drain… quite literally.

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