The Six Best Ways to Generate a Massive Following of Viewers to Your Blog

Whenever someone starts out on that long road to achieving their goals in life, they must take that essential first step. When you start writing your very first blog entry, that first step is a very uncertain and clumsy one. You have no idea who will be reading it, for one thing. Another unknown element with writing your very first blog is the fact that you don’t know if the topic you have picked for your daily or weekly blog is ever going to be popular enough to drive readers to your site so you can sell them your products.

Even if the only goal you are trying to reach with your blog is just to get your viewpoint on gun control out to the general populace, you still need to be sure that you are not just wasting your valuable time typing out your views on your new laptop myenvoyair. Watching your words disintegrate into the virtual internet trash heap of articles and blogs that nobody ever reads is no way to spend your precious time. To make sure that this never happens to you, I’ve developed these six powerful techniques for acquiring new readers that will be a major turning point for your blog if done correctly.

The term “pillar article” is a new catch-phrase that essentially defines a 500-600 word article on a subject or topic that is timeless and adds value and knowledge to whomever is reading it Techlightzone. This article style is not about a current news story, nor will it’s true value diminish over time if written correctly. It can be a how-to article such as the one you are reading right now, or it could be an historical article written about a battle in WWII.

I wrote one such article called “Memorial Day- A Time to Remember True Heroism at ‘The Battle of the Bulge worldnewupdates‘”. It was a lengthy article about the hardships that our Army and Marines went through in 1944 to fight back the Germans during the end of WWII.

It is a timeless piece that will not be negatively affected by the passage of time, because it gives the hard facts on the many lives lost on the battlefield, and describes the emotions felt on the German side and on the allied’s side during that fateful and bloody battle. A lot of the people who read my article had no idea that it took 4 months of fighting for the allies to move the Germans back into their border, but that is a very important element of a “pillar article”: give the reader knowledge he might not find elsewhere.

What is most important to remember about pillar articles is that they do form a strong structure, thereby giving your blog a strong foundation to build upon, hence the name ‘pillar’. If you can write at least one of these articles per week, you will have over 50 excellent articles per year that your loyal readers will keep coming back for week after week.

You can also more easily sell these articles to sites like Associated Content because they like the more substantial content that the pillar article usually contains, and that substance benefits their readers. Also, if you submit a pillar article to, the readers of that site will more than likely follow your url site on the bottom of your article page to your actual web site, and will be more open to buying your product. Be sure to archive all of your pillar articles so future viewers to your site can read them as well.

A very important step to self-promotion of your blog is to find other sites that deal with the topic or subject that you are writing about for your blog, and put comments on their sites. Most blog sites will allow your comment to be shown on their sites with your url linked to your main page.

Once readers to the site that you wrote your comment on see your link, they will be curious as to how your site might be better than the one they were just on. If the main blog content on your site is more interesting than the one they were frequenting, then congratulations! You just stole a web viewer from somebody else’s site, which is fair play in the world of the internet.

It’s more of an even playing field for a content writer when it comes to blogging, because of the relatively short time that blogging has been around for. If you are a better writer than me, and can deliver more compelling advice on your blog site, I’d expect you to get some of my audience.

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