Why You Should Collect Indian Porcelain Dolls

When completing a web search for Indian porcelain dolls, you quite often find Native American porcelain dolls. Both varieties are beautiful and worth researching, but the porcelain dolls of India are unique creations that need more attention. While they can be difficult to find, the search is worth the effort ラブドール . The unique creations afforded by the varied cultures and traditions of India are exquisite and add value to any collection, no matter how large or small.

India is a multicultural republic, and while new traditions and customs have been absorbed, older customs and traditions are well preserved. The modern dress of this country ranges from the modern European look to the more traditional sari. On any given day in the local markets a wide range of styles of dress can be observed.

Some families in the more rural areas still live in the traditional multi-generational home, while others in cities have adopted the single family dwelling as the more preferred living arrangement. The Indian porcelain doll reflects this variety in everyday life. Indian porcelain dolls represent all walks of life and manners of dress, but typically focus on the more vibrantly colored traditional dress.

The Indian porcelain doll shows tribal life, and dolls depicting both men and women tribal members are available. The headgear of the male tribal member suggests the subject is a tribal leader. The clothing of the female tribal member shows the tribes value beauty in its most natural form. The clothing of the dolls is vibrant, colorful, and reflects life as it is known in each tribe represented.

An Indian porcelain doll reflecting a bride is adorned with a myriad of color, texture, and beauty. The bride is accessorized with jewelry, and her over wrap is a vibrant, patterned red material, traditionally this is tie dyed. Her makeup is skillfully hand-painted, and shows the natural beauty of the bride.

The Indian porcelain doll carefully reflects the culture of life in this multicultural society. Each doll is uniquely qualified to teach you about one aspect of life in India. The bride doll can teach you about the wedding traditions of India, which are typically arranged marriages. The divorce rate in India is very low, and marriage is seen as a lifelong commitment. The bride’s hair is typically in a bun and her head is covered as a sign of respect to the elders present at the wedding.

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