Flat Tummy and Pizza, Per Favore!

We are built to move and whatever we need to do throughout the day is closely related to… a physical exercise. Simple. Think about how much we should move, to do our daily duties and how much we actually skipping these simple movements just to make our lives easier.

We wake up in the morning, jump in the bathroom, do whatever we need to do in there, dress nicely, and get ready for the day; then jump in the car and straight to work. In our lunch time we run to the nearest coffee shop just to grab a burger, swallow it in few bites and go back to our desk. O! What about the cappuccino? As we said the life is beautiful and everything is different from our ancestors’ time. Everything is changing so fast! Even the cappuccino changed a lot lately. You go to the counter and after you ask for a cappuccino, you know, just a cappuccino, suddenly you realize that there is no more “just a cappuccino”.

Now you can have a skinny cappuccino, foam or cream, decaf, with single or double coffee, long, short, choccochino, moccachino… “What a heck! Where my normal cappuccino has gone?”- My inside voice screaming! It was just the inside voice. Me- I am all smiling! I am part of the modern world! OK, all make sense. We must enjoy the short life and be always grateful of what Mother Nature delivers to us. The only problem is, that we, the humans, abusing these gifts of our time very often. We like to take much bigger advantage of anything, than what actually should be. This implies, such as, in using the “fiery water” (after enjoying it, we are numb for two days after that).

Next one is the money. We never know how to carry out a balance between the wallet and the normal life. Money is never enough. If you make a simple math about your living cost and your lifestyle cost, you can actually easy understand how we can live like kings with less, then what we always aiming for. Do yourself a favor and calculate your living cost like this:

Write down all of your monthly expenses, absolutely everything. Then divide every amount to average of 30 days to find out your daily expenses; in the next column write your lifestyle cost. Everything what you wish to spend for: vacation, shopping, food, entertainment etc. Do the calculation to get the daily numbers again. Now, add the two totals and you will see how much would be enough to make your dreams reality.

The other think, for which we don’t thing much when we consume it, is… FOOD, of course! That is why we are overweight a lot. Sometime instead of walking we are almost rolling! I remember when my idea Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews was born. Until then every time I sit to eat, it was like it’s going to be the last eating in my life. Absolute abusing! My belly fat was hanging over my belt and was just looking to roll over somewhere.The bigger problem is the moving, as we said earlier.

We don’t move enough. We go to the shopping mall and we try always first to park inside the mall, if possible; then, because we can’t do it, we try to park as close as possible to the entrance. OK, but what about the moving? Nowadays everything is automated. We need to really use any possible situation to move and do our little exercise even at the shopping mall’s parking. Just park a bit further away and take a walk to the mall. If you stay close to the local supermarket, don’t go with the car to buy bread and a liter of milk. Walk or take your bicycle. If you fight with your wife- run! First, you will make her happy by running and second, you will do your little exercise for the day. If you find time on regular basis to party, you don’t have an excuse not to find time for exercises on regular basis too.

The more important thing is that you don’t need to put too much effort to stay healthy and keep your body in good shape. When I decided that enough is enough I was 116 kg. All I did was to start jogging and change my quality and quantity daily nutrition; then later I bought a bicycle and that is now my passion. So, the point is, never abuse your daily intake of whatever you like to consume. If you like pizza, leave it for your “cheating day” like I do. My cheating day is Sunday. Do the same. Exercise during the week (not too much), watch your daily intake and in Sunday eat and do whatever you like.

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