Best Weight Loss Plan For the Lazy Dieter

In this article I want to introduce the under-achiever approach for reaching your ideal body weight.

If you truly have a strong desire to create irreversible, long term fat loss success, this might be one of the most important web pages that you ever read.

Before I talk about the best weight loss plan for someone that is lazy, but still wants to create the body of their dreams, I want to explain why this approach has worked for me. Obviously when I started I didn’t think or believe that I would be able to reach my ideal weight and then maintain it for so many years. But in reality I didn’t really care, because this is what I truly wanted. In other words, I had a burning desire to create permanent fat loss and I knew I would keep trying until I cracked the code!

I want to tell you that the secret to permanent fat loss is simple, and this is a part of the best weight loss plan for the lazy dieter that wants to create a lean healthy body, and then maintain it for life.

Here it is: Fall down ten times, get up eleven times!

In other words, no matter what happens you must keep going, you must never, ever give up. You must have a single-minded focus on hitting your main target, and you must Biofit never quit, no matter what happens. If it rains on your parade, if you fall of the wagon, if you eat ten times more than you should ten minutes before going to sleep at night… it does not matter.

In the morning when you wake up you must re-focus on your primary objective and do everything possible to keep moving toward creating the body of your dreams!

This is the most important part of the best weight loss plan for permanent fat loss.

Now, the actual steps toward reaching your ideal weight:

Eat four times per day, every four walking hours. Make sure to calculate your daily maintenance calorie intake, divide this number by four, and this will be the amount of calories that every one of your meals should be…no more no less, at least when you start moving in the direction of your major health goal.

Another important part of the best weight loss plan is to make sure that you consume lean protein, natural complex carbohydrates, and good dietary fat in every meal of the day. Never, ever eat any one macronutrient alone… period!

Drink plenty of water. If you don’t your liver and kidneys will not be able to function properly, and your body will not be able to efficiently burn the unwanted body fat that you currently have.

Use physical activity on a daily basis. This means that you must get your behind off the couch and actually do something that burns calories. This is the only way to shrink your fat cells.

If you do not burn off the fat that is inside of your fat cells you will not create the body of your dreams.

Just use an activity that is aerobic in nature, and do it for a long enough period to burn enough calories. All you have to do is move your body and it burns calories. If you want to use a lazy approach you will simply have to do the activity for a longer period of time.

By the way… walking is one of the best lazy dieter tools for burning unwanted body fat. It is really easy and simple and burns plenty of calories as long as you do it for at least 60 minutes per session.


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