Four Reasons to Use a Customized QR Code

If you’ve been using QR Codes, or even if you’ve just been thinking about incorporating them into your marketing plan, you may be under the impression that the only codes available are the most common black and white icons that sort of look like a bar code given to hysterics.

That’s just not the case any more.

Today, Quick Response Codes can be a lot more attractive and a lot more useful with the addition of image tools like logos, colors, and photographs สร้าง qr code. Called customized QR Codes, these value-added response tools have four great advantages over the traditional codes.

  1. A custom QR Code tells the reader that there’s something important to do. Rather than just sitting there like an annoying blob the way traditional generic odes do, a customized QR Code attaches itself visually to the rest of your message. Its very design says to the customer, “Pay attention. Here’s something you should know.” Of course as these codes become more prevalent in the US (which trails other countries in the use of the codes), more people realize that the codes indicate more information is at hand. But, even with more awareness, generic codes in and of themselves can only do so much to stimulate response.
  2. A quality QR Code design extends your brand. As a savvy business person, you know how important your image is to attracting and keeping customers. By having a well designed logo and employing other visual techniques, you attract attention. By providing valuable information about your products, along with special offers, you build loyalty. Today you can embed your logo, your colors, and even your photographs into your code art. You get instant recognition with the look and a customer who feels like they’re getting a little something extra when you use a high tech custom code.
  3. Custom QR Codes allow you to communicate more information, special offers, and unique messages to customers. An image-based custom code not only perpetuates your identity, it also allows you to tell certain customers (those with smart phones) about special offers just for them. The code design allows you to share news and information, display a web page, or even transmit contact information like URLs, emails, and phone numbers.
  4. Customized QR Codes allow you track results easily and make changes as needed. With near instantaneous results, you can tell right away if your offer is a success, whether readers are pursuing additional information, or if there’s an increase in activity on Twitter. You can offer a coupon deal today, push a website tomorrow, and run a contest next week. All while simultaneously enhancing your image and increasing your awareness.

These codes were not originally developed as a marketing tool. They were used in parts control in automotive factories in Japan. Once the marketers got hold of them, however, they opened up a whole new world of mobile marketing. But to get the most out of the technology behind these unique codes, don’t go generic. Instead, opt for a customized code with image-enhancing QR Code design. You’ll be surprised what individualized QR Code art can do for your image and your results.

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